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for recipients of parcels
We offer our clients a chain of more than 8,000 pick-up points throughout the country, so that your customers can choose the most conveniently located pick-up point with the necessary service.
In this regard, in addition to our own pick-up points chain, we offer delivery through our partners - Boxberry, Svyaznoy + Euroset (DRHL) and CDEK, and you can decide whether to use all the points or choose the ones you need.
Opportunity to change pick-up option on courier delivery
Pick-up point
Customizable logic of provision of information by SMS, e-mail and operator's call in order to increase the percent of delivery rate
The most detailed tracking of the parcel’s passing milestones on our  tracking website
Acceptance of payments in cash and bank cards strictly according to 54FL
Pick-up points work in weekends and public holidays
Try-on and partial buy are possible in pick-up points
Free storage in pick-up point for 14 days
pick-up points all across Russia
pick-up points in Moscow
pick-up points in Saint-Petersburg